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6 Latest Trends in Video Production

With the social media being bombarded with all kind of formats of advertisements, it has become an arduous task to keep the audience engaged. The continuous exposure to different formats of content while scrolling through the social media websites makes the audience lose interest within just a few seconds. It therefore becomes imperative to have a format that is not only interesting and visually appealing, but also keeps the audience captivated. In the recent years, one such format ‘online video’ is been seen gaining a lot more popularity in the field of marketing. Communicating your message via online video has become the latest trend for its ability to build up a brand personality and hold the attention of audience for a longer duration.

Creating a video that is unique and has the power to make the desired impact in the mind of the target audience is demanding. Along with the detailed understanding of the target market and the key message to be communicated, it requires knowledge of the latest trends in the industry of video production. Talking about the trends, there have been several recent innovations. From developments in virtual reality to 4K videos, to adoption of ‘purpose driven videos’, the industry of video production has moved to a whole new level.

Six emerging trends

1. Narrate the story through a 360 degree video

Also known as, immersive or spherical videos, these videos brings out the view in every direction, giving unlimited possibilities to the viewers. The innovative concept of 360 degree videos expands the visibility of the message by not only inviting more attention, but also motivating the audience to promote interaction amongst themselves.

2. Square screen ratio

Square video, or in other words, videos with an aspect ratio 1:1, are considered as the most appropriate for social media. The major benefit of a square screen ratio is that it leads to increase in viewership by encouraging the mobile users to view the videos on their mobiles in the portrait mode itself.

3. Promotion of ‘Purpose driven videos’

The recent practice of ‘purpose driven videos’ produced by different film production houses in Delhi NCR has been seen creating a buzz in the market. Marketers are making a conscious effort to induce a strong message of morality, ethics or philosophy in their videos to hit the right chords of the people.

4. 4K Videos

With advantages of higher image definition quality, more detailed picture, improved fast-action and larger projection surface visibility, 4K or UHD (Ultra High Definition) videos is a latest innovation in video production. The higher resolution of 4,000 pixels encourages and emboldens the video/film makers to capture the finest details while also delivering better colour depth.

5. Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraph is a fusion of photography with film that allows to tell a visual story creatively. The cinemagraphs are created from a series of images or a video edited to play in a seamless loop. A number of brands are already using this new way of video production to communicate their message differently to the customers.

6. Video Chapterization

The easiest way to make a video interactive is to chapterize it. This approach of video production allows engagement of viewers at a greater level. By allowing them to make choices, it provides a better customer experience. With video platforms like Youtube and Wistia and specialized ones like Hapyak, this interactive approach generates data on the effectiveness of the video.

The film and video industry is changing rapidly, with constant updation in formats, channels and avenues for advertising. In order to survive in a dynamic market like India, the film production houses in Delhi NCR needs to be flexible and adaptable to new changes happening daily in the field of video production. Many upcoming video production houses are already keeping themselves updated with the emerging trends to deliver their clients with the best video output. However, whatever may be the format and the approach for video marketing, basics remain common: the content must contain high production value and a call to action, while maintaining the interest of the viewer to accomplish the objectives.