Choose film production house in Delhi

How to choose a film production house in Delhi?

Today we live in the digital world. With the boom in the communication world, every company needs ad films and corporate videos. So, sooner or later, every organization needs to hire a production house for making films. These production houses deal in various fields of video productions, including advertising, fiction, non-fiction, TV shows and films. But these tasks are not as easy as they seem. Any project that a production house takes up needs a good deal of time and money. So if you are planning to make some good films, hire a production house that suits your exact requirements.

10 pointers for hiring the best production house in Delhi

Be aware of your needs

You need to be well aware of your needs, and your organization’s needs for that matter. You must also know the difference between them. Your organization’s requirement might be different from yours. If you want a perfect video to be made, first take stock of exactly what you are looking for in the project. Is it of value and service to the brand or company? Your aesthetic and practical considerations come later. Be specific about the objective, and then decide on the kind of film you require. Be aware of your budget limitations, the lifespan of the film, the deadline, who the audience is, where it would be played (TV, online media, internal audience, etc.).

Experience of the production house matters

Before hiring a production house and deciding whether it is ideal for your project, be frank and ask if that particular production house is experienced enough to handle projects of the kind you want. Most film production houses in Delhi have a good portfolio of work but eventually it is all up to you to see that they are good at making the type of film that you want for your organization. Since there are different types of videos like explainers, ads, testimonials, corporate films, etc., be certain that the production house is adept at the form that suits your need.

Are they willing to showcase their work?

Good production houses will have an impressive body of work that they are proud to showcase, most often on their website. A genuine production house will be keen to show you their expertise, creativity and talent that you wouldn’t even have to ask them. Visit their website and see their work so that you know what quality you can expect.

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Have they worked with a similar brand before?

Make sure that the production house has worked for good brands, preferably brands in similar space, before. To be 100% certain, verify independently whether what they claim is true.

How good is that particular production house with the budget?

A good production house in Delhi will tell you the total production cost and estimates elaborately. The production house will be open to negotiation on everything related to resource allocation. A good production house will also share the breakup of the cost – i.e. actors, costumes, sets, etc., so that you can make an informed choice according to your budget and what the film requires.

What procedure does a production house in Delhi follow?

Production requirements vary with the type of work. There are various types of productions i.e. ad films, short films, TV show, web series and so on. So firstly a company hiring the production house must be in fully clear of the requirement. Once your objectives are spelt out, have discussions on that basis of how they are going to go about the production, the procedures they follow, what could be the possible delays and difficulties, etc.

Who is their scriptwriter?

Any creative video ought to have a script and screenplay that is out of the box. Therefore you need to inquire about the scriptwriter and his/her experience. As a script is the spine of the video you simply cannot compromise on this. Find out if the person writing the script is a fresher, and whether he has a portfolio to showcase. You might even need to consider other options for your project if you do not want to be a risk taker.

Do they have the right equipment and facilities?

A good production house needs to have the latest editing and designing software, equipment, and a studio. One must also enquire about the camera and other equipment that the production house will be using for your film. After all, it is all about making a film that the viewer finds appealing.

Enquire if the team is in-house or outsourced.

Chances are, the project will run smoothly if the production house has all the capabilities in-house. It maybe a little costly but it will be worth it if you do not wish to deal with unreliable freelancers and erratic schedules. Small producers may not be able to afford to have everything under one roof. Small or freelance producers may have tie ups with consultants. But if you do not want to deal with third parties then you must go for the production house that takes the entire responsibility instead of getting it done through the freelancers. On their payroll, they will have, editors, cameramen, specialists, scriptwriters and other specialists.

How fast can a production house in Delhi deliver the project?

A production house will not always be able to start your work immediately. This can happen because the production house already reserved their time and resources for other prime projects in the pipeline. So if by chance you foresee a clash of dates you may need to relook at your working arrangement with them. They probably won’t start the task immediately, so be doubly sure before finalizing a contract with them about the exact date when they would deliver the film. And be sure to get the estimated time to execute and finish the project committed on paper.


Apart from these points, there could be other significant issues you need to consider while dealing with a production house in Delhi. Keep a record of everything on e-mails and paper. And go for a production house that can create good content that gets your business to rise.